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The Black Flower

Praise be to Him for He is All.

1/14/05 04:04 pm

I have loved and hurt and bled, though not literally I think.  So good to see so many, the other night.  Quite fascinating, really; I do love a good game.

Yet still it aches, just there, a little bruise, a little burn, so far gone so shall return.

12/17/04 11:40 am

My mood is quite beyond compare.  Looking up, I saw the stars.

I did have such a splendid evening.

Fa la la la la.

La la. La. La.

10/23/04 11:10 pm

Time has taken my quill from me, I hope you did not miss me much.

So many things I have missed in these long days, longer hours, melting time, minutes and seconds, and oh, I did miss such a lovely fuss a handful of days ago.  Such a shame the rabbits ran away.  (My Shadow-Knight has found his golden princess, I see.  I would have danced with him in moonlight if I had been there, but that would have been the last he'd seen.)

I think the world might tremble, soon.  Shake and shiver in its boots, for He is displeased, and when He frowns, the world burns down.  Tonight I sat at his knee, and he watched as I spoke the words.  Once. Twice. Thrice. More. (This will be clear to those who know, but those who do not may quietly watch.  You will see soon enough.  The pathway clears before us, now, and we shall drink the blood, the life, and we will be as gods.)

I think I will come home.

8/30/04 09:17 pm

Beauty and death and beauty and death.

I went walking last night with friends.  There were lights, and flames and people cried.  And rapture O rapture, there was life, and emerald, emerald light. Behind my eyes, I see the visions - things which cry to be put right.  One down, many to go. 

That little crying, mewling thing with acid in her hair and eyes that always stare and stare no more.  They are closed, forever.  Pretty Selkie.  Pretty girl.  Pretty crimson, drip drip drop.  It is music, little splashes.  My heart bleeds rivers for your goneness, but it is only blood. 

Shards of silver.

Look before you, and see the road, one step two we will each walk it, in time, and in the end He will judge, and He has judged them wrong.

It is justice.  It is right.  It is the screaming of the night, stars and sky turned scarlet, pools in the gutter, pools in my palm.

Rapture, O Rapture!  Now it is gone.

8/16/04 09:56 pm

The Prophet is feeling quite slow today.  I am disappointed.

And bored. 

Drip drip drip, the sound of blood, muffled in the grass, splashing on the floor, pooling, drowning the world.

Outings are interesting, but they only keep me entertained for as long as they continue.

My mind seems fractured, little pieces, little shards, little bits of puzzle, and one by one they reunite.  It is blessed, it is Good.

I should like a reading, I think.

7/27/04 03:01 pm

I do like Unforgivables.  They bring quite the challenge. 

But not many have the passion to use them.

Mean it.

I am watching the shadows, Longbottom.  Are you?

7/6/04 05:38 pm

I have decided I should write something, because it's quite the consuming mood. My mind is shifting, I think, from murky grey to transcendent white, but I am not quite there, not yet. Images become clearer, and my voice begins to change, not just here but in my mind. I understand.

Each day he teaches me, and each day, therefore, I learn. You need to mean them. His voice in my ear. You need to really want to cause pain. To enjoy it.

Come out.
Come out.
Come out.

Come out, your hatred.

Come out, little thoughts and dreams and wishes and things that make your eyes open at last.

Come out, like fire into the night, as He says, drive off the shadows. Do not fear. Do not cower.

(Never cower, you are a Black, and you are better than that.)

People get what they deserve. To thy mangled corpses go. Arranging services arranging holes to bury a rotting corpse and say goodbye.

Be angry, for only fools die.

7/3/04 05:46 pm

Ashes ashes.

They all fall down.


6/23/04 01:59 pm

A forest is good, I think, for many things. They have birds and rocks and snakes and pretty muggles doing pretty things waiting for pretty death. fizzle whoosh whurr spin and then they twitch and fall.

I've decided green is maybe the loveliest colour of all. Green trees, green trim on robes, green light flashing.
-I also like black, like the black of a cloak, or a robe, or night before the spell is cast, or when the moon is dark and deep.
-And then there is red. Like eyes. Like blood.

Sing me to sleep sing me to sleep whisper oh whisper the secrets you keep

I love a secret.

6/22/04 05:28 am

Why Cissy.

I had no idea.
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